Cheat Code Questions
Hey Folks,

I want use a few exp cheat codes for shin megami tensei nocturne.
First I searched after them and find some at:

But they didn´t work. Then I made myself the cheat patches, but also they didnt work.
The console say it find the E8FCF8EC. pnach but it says there are no cheats codes inside.
I don´t understand why it´s not working. The cheats are activated and it´s the right crc.
Could someone please help me Wink

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Can you paste the .pnach file contents here?
(11-12-2017, 03:23 PM)CK1 Wrote: Can you paste the .pnach file contents here?

/// All EXP Gained list After Battle
///X2 EXP

///X4 EXP

///x8 EXP

///x16 EXP

///x32 EXP

///x64 EXP

///x128 EXP

///x256 EXP

///x512 EXP

///x1024 EXP

I removed the /// to activate one cheat but it's not working.
Can you post an actual emulog please.

As for the codes themselves - when you activated one of them, after saving the pnach file, you have to do something in PCSX2 to force the change if you're changing things while the game is running. (e.g. press Tab to activate turbo, and then Tab again to disable turbo again), this forces an update and actually activates the code.
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Thanks for our answers. The thread can be closed.
I am stupid Sad
I paste the pnach data in the wrong cheats folder. It was the cheat folder directly at the pcsx2 exe but the pcsx2 created a second folder at the user directory and wanted the pnach data there.

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