Cheat Engine
Hello again,
Can somebody provide me with some help in how to find values(Money,ammo etc.) with cheat engine in pcsx2 because no matter what i have did(Change and reset Cheat Engine settings,even got a modified version of cheat engine)I can't find any value in any game I have played.

In case there is something special about the games this is my game list.
-WWE SVR 2007
-WWE SVR 2008
-WWE SVR 2009
-WWE SVR 2011
-Gran Turismo 4
-Soccer Life!
-Need for Speed ProStreet
-GTA Vice City/San Andreas
-FIFA 09
(In none of the mentioned games Cheat Engine was able to find any value like money or any other value)
Any kind of help is welcome!
Thank you in advance for the help I might get.

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