Cheat Engine Address Help
I created this thread for some help:

I got my help, but now I am in need of some other help. I was wondering if there was anyone that was Cheat Engine Savvy that would be able to give me the CE Address for the Zodiac Spear or someone that would be able to take that Save Game in the aforementioned thread link and edit it for 99 Zodiac Spears/99 of ALL items would be even better, and repost it. If anyone would be kind enough to actually take their time to do such a thing, I will promise +REP on the forums and many thanks for X30, or something to that effect Tongue It would be greatly appreciated. I'd been trying to do it myself, but I am pretty sure CE hates me.

With love,
Dragonel Laugh

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Bump for an answer, gotta go to work right now, will check back later. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Bump for an answer again, really need some help here please!
Use the Ivalice SE save editor.
I actually just found that yesterday, but when I try to open the saved state, it won't let me choose it. Would anyone be willing to do it for me? Will give +love forever!
You need to extract the raw save out of the save you extracted from the virtual memory card. PS2 Save Builder will do the trick.

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