Cheat Engine code for .Hack// 4 part game
I got some CE tables for .hack//infection, mutation, outbreak and quarantine, from the post of Jobestroud.
However I am missing some from it. For example, it does not contain Core M. I tried to find it by searching, but I could not pin point the byte in CE.
But the most important is one that could increase inventory. Currently the game limits inventory to 40. Which is annoying. I can't find the byte either for this one. I passed several hours trying to pin point it. I believe I lack the skills to use CE properly to inf dit or it does not exist.

Either way, if anyone out here knows about how to change the inventory limit or have a CE Table for the 4 first .Hack// games, different from the one posted here, please let me know and share it^^. Thank you very much for your help.

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