Cheat Help
I have downloaded

it works but all items and S.lvls are capped @ 37

is there any way to increase it.

I have tryed to make my own cheat file but get errors every time it loads

the cheat file above says byte25 but i cant get any of my files to save as that any help is appreciated


Edit to post a screen shot of the errors

[Image: 2qut5zn.jpg]

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25 in hex means 37 soo just change all 25 to something bigger;](edit: for example if you want 99, put 63 in place of that 25, you can use windows calc to change between hex and decimal values), anyway why using pnach for the FFX in the first place?Tongue

All FF games have some kind of editors existing, FFXED is much better than any pnach file could give you:].

Through about levels, in case you don't know, FFX monsters levelup with your characters, if you lvlup to max, the game will actually be harder(but maybe that's what you want, just informing in case you didn't knew that;P).
Thanks for the info yeah i did know about the monster leveling up as you do.

I didnt know about the FFXED tho thanks for that.
Oh and those errors simply mean the game's code get's broken somehow, it commonly happens cause of cheats, if they're wrong or made for different game version that's almost sure something will break, through not always ends with a crash:].

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