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Cheat Problems Troubleshooting Guide
This content has been deleted.

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Excellent again! Glad you gave it it's own home!
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PCSX2 General Troubleshooting FAQ
Finally! Going to bookmark this!

Isn't commenting out normally done with two slashes ("//")? (As is is also done in the comments of your example). Is it for the pnach-system sufficient to use only one?
It is indeed will Smile
In conclusion, yes.

The same thing was pointed out from Blyss. Smile

Ok, please let me explain about "//" and "/".
From source code, leftmost "//" in a line is obviously treated as a comment.
However, if a key name (pnach format is treated as ini format like "key=value", or "patch=1,EE,...") is not "patch", the line is just ignored. This means "/patch" and "/ patch" are also ignored, and this behavior will be virtually the same as a comment.
Then i will prepend all disabled cheats now with:

Supercheat (increases performance by 10fps): patch=1,EE,41142100,extended,004C0001
Hahaha, I have replaced "/" with "//" in this guide.
Would it be advisable to merge this information with my pnach guide to have a single comprehensive guide?
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I would keep them split. If there is too much information nobody will read it.
I think both guides have a reason to exist.
It would be too long to read for readers who need these information.

As willkuer mentioned, I also think both guides have a reason to exist. Yours is specialized for converting from non-raw to pnach. Mine is specialized for troubleshooting.

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