Cheat code not working
Game" Romancing Saga

I'm trying to use a money code to increase the amount I have but it doesn't seem to be working. It says that the cheat has been found but it doesn't affect the game at all. Here's the Code

Infinite Money

After conversion to unencrypted standard

Infinite Money
104234DC 0000270F

I tried to change the value to a specific number to see if it would help but I can't make any progress, any help would be appreciated.


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What is the game title?
Oh crap haha my bad I totally forgot to put the title.... fail

Romancing Saga
(12-04-2013, 01:34 PM)Koschaka Wrote: Game" Romancing Saga

Infinite Money
104234DC 0000270F

The code address(104234DC) is different compared to a code I found it my own(104233DC).
Try this one.

Infinite Money

If it works, see also a website below.
Sony PlayStation 2 -> R -> Romancing Saga

Omniconvert settings:
Input -> CodeBreaker -> Version 7+ (Common Key)
Output -> Unencrypted -> Standard
Damn dude thank you so much! haha ever since I tried the other code it made it to where most treasure chests with gold would just tell me "can't take any more gold". The code you found worked perfectly thanks again.

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