Cheat engine and 1.3 bug?
I'm not quite sure if you would call it a bug but..

So the story is that after using a 2 week old version of 1.3 for a couple of games I decided to use cheat engine for money. I found the value for it easily enough but when I went to change the value of it to something higher. The value would not be kept to the new one. Instead you see you money going down at a steady pace to get down to the value of what it was before you changed. The game still has the value set.

So for example you had 2000 gold and changed it to 500k. Instead of keeping the new value of 500k it will decrease the amount shown to get to the original value. In this case its 2000.

If you were to set your value less than the original amount it kept it.

So I tried this on a older version of the emulator. In my case it was some rev of 1.1. After doing it in here it kept the value like it should.

So take this as you will. I thought I would share this is all.
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