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Cheat file different
How do you change the cheat file location? I extracted PCSX2 1.4 to my D: drive but when I tried using the cheats function, it pointed to my C: drive. What am I doing wrong?  Everything else works just fine.

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Use PCSX2 1.5 because it's A. Much, Much! more updated then 1.4 is B. It's "Portable" meaning it can be installed or rather copied to any destination and the entire folder structure will follow it find it here:
...or just create a blank portable.ini file next to the main exe
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(07-07-2018, 07:00 AM)jesalvein Wrote: ...or just create a blank portable.ini file next to the main exe

And move pcsx2 folder out of the program files and move your Documents\PCSX2 folders inside the pcsx2.exe folder
If I recall correctly changing the cheats file location is a recent 1.5 feature, not available on 1.4. But you would change it just like you would the savestates folder or snaps folder.
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