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Cheat-making for dummies!
#61 that you mention it, i'm using the beta version. where do i find that old one?

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I have't checked Phaste on any newer revision, have you vsub?
Yes I have and it gives you incorrect base address,meaning it can't find any cheat.

grathmeld I'm not saying that the address is fixed only on that rev.I'm saying that any rev that you use and it's newer than r4029 will have fixed address
Just touching on your incompatibility issues.

You can try Cheat Engine. That's normally what I use for my cheats.
yes, I've been using that reciently now as well
Would someone please make Armored Core ( all of them ) pnach files GOOD TO GO for me - thank you!
wrong thread, request patches in the patches thread.
Is it possible to make cheats which allows you to see a full Liberary?
so you hijack my thread now? I told you what to do, 4 times now, go do it.

For some reason this post makes you sound like you have the windows narrator (default) voice.

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