Cheat not working
I have a problem with cheats on pcsx2. My cheats is not working for my Drakengard game, and idk what to do. I download two version of the game to try if this is the problem but nothing change. When I open up the console (? sorry I don't speak english verry well), it say: 
Found Cheats file: '79585776.pnach'
Loaded 129 Cheats from '79585776.pnach' at 'C:\Users\XXX\Documents\PCSX2\cheats'
Overall 129 Cheats loaded 

And idk if it's the problem but I have 2 document with cheats on it. 
So I hope you can help me, and thanks. 
Sorry for my bad english  Sad

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Quote:I download two version of the game

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