Cheat not working correctly?
I have been playing Kingdom Hearts (NTSC), and have found that the following cheat doesn't seem to work right:

//Infinite HP (Sora)


It SHOULD keep Sora from actually losing health when hit, but all it does is refill his health when I enter the pause menu...which makes it largely useless, since the pause menu can't be invoked during battle.

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Can you give this one a try. Just came up with this using Cheat Engine.

//Sora Max & Infinite HP

This is a combination of his max HP stat, and an address that freezes his in-battle HP to that amount.

I set the max HP to 108, because anything like FF or even a bit higher over the 108 will cause the HP bar to go out of bounds. I believe the maximum legit HP you can get in KH1 is around 111. Either way, this should make it so you'll never run out of HP with Sora.
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That works...kind of. I'm finding that that code sometimes applies to enemies as well as Sora.

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