Cheat patch files not loading?
Sigh...I hate being the noobie asking this question, and yes I read the FAQ and did a search on "cheats not loading", and I looked over the cheat submission thread with no avail..

So I registered and joined the forum to ask this one question so that I can play the game I'm so obsessed about (FFX) with cheats enabled, and that question is this:

Why aren't the cheats loading when I've already downloaded the pnatch files and placed them into the "cheats" folder in the PCx2 directory?

The pnatch files are in the folder, and I start up the game successfully then I click "enable cheats" and nothing seems to happen. Is there some menu that's supposed to pop up where I load cheats? I don't see any list or anything like that. Could one of you guys please explain in simple terms how it works instead of referring me to an old thread or FAQ?

Your help is much appreciated.

Oh, and I'm using pcx2 version 1.0.0 on a windows 7 ultrabook. I don't know if there's any other info I need to provide

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And what's also weird is that on the little log window that opens with pcx2 it says "cheats found!" and "cheats found: 31" after I load up the game, which leads me to believe I'm close...but just don't know what the hell to do next.

Also, it's a NTSCU version of the game...and I'm 99% I'm running the USA bios...lemme double check...yes, I am. Bios version 2.20, created in 2006.

Do the pnatch files also have to be compatible with the bios version? So do I need to be running a PAL version of the game or something? I hope someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong this is drivin' me nuts! lol
The cheats do need to be for the NTSC version, so yes PAL Cheats won't work.
Thanks man. Alright, seems like I've got it to work, seeing as how I now have 600,000+ gil in my wallet on stage 1! Lol

So it was that I was putting the PAL pnatch files in there and not editing them. What I did just now was copy/paste a long string of NTSCU cheat codes into a notepad then put that notepad file into my cheats folder and save it. Also, I removed the "//" from the front of the code I wanted to work, which was the Max gil code in this case.

Hope this helps anyone in the future who may encounter this problem! That's what forums are for Smile

EDIT: and as an added note, one of the pnatch files I'd had in my folder was a Usa version already, just that I didn't open it(the pnatch cheats file I dwnlded with notepad and edit out the "//" on the codes I want to work. So that should be the fix for anyone encountering the same problem as me.
the chats have to match the game, not the bios

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