Cheat search tools, anyone know of any good ones?
Like the title says...

I'm looking for a app that does:
Diff to last.
Equ to last.
Inc from last.
Dec from last.
Known values.

I would prefer if it could store my finds in a file, with:
Set value and previous value.
Enabled / Disabled.

Able to store "over" 255 diff codes (a limit of 100 or so would be ok'ish if the app was good, but I prefer over 255 really so I can use a few 100 codes at once).
In formats of: 8, 16, 32 and perhaps 64 and 128 bits.

I used to have a program that did this for the most part, but limited to aroudn 120 code or so.
It was called GameTrainer.
But it stoped working right with Win2k.
And with Winxp, it stoped applying values all together.

If anyone knows of anything decent please say so.
I've been wanting to hack games again for years now.
I especially want to hack ps2 games..., like the xenosagas.
(I even got xs1 jap reloaded, xs2 jap, and xs3 jap just so I could hack them later)

ASUS CH4, 1090t @ 4ghz, 2x1gb @ 2ghz, GT240
2x1tb Modded WD Green RAID0, Optiarc 7241S
Modded Enermax 350w

Win7 Ent x86 VLM / Win2K3 Svr Ent SP2-R2 x86 VLM

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Every cheat searching program have those:
Diff to last.
Equ to last.
Inc from last.
Dec from last.
Known values.
including the build-in patch finder in the old gui of pcsx2.

I use ArtMoney to search for cheats
Thanks alot Laugh.
ArtMoney is perfect.

I just tested it on pcsx2 with xenosaga episode 2.
I was able to hack some of the in battle status with it no prob.

I checked for extra proccesses that didn't belong in taskmgr and extra net connections using tcpview and it looks all good, no spyware or anything.

Again thanks alot for the heads up.
I've been looking for a program like this for along time now.

ArtMoney actually looks alot like GameTrainer v2.01 did back in the day.
With the way it has it's results and code windows arranged.

There's one other thing I'de like to beable to do.
To have a code toggled with a button or key.
And for values of codes to effect values of other codes.
I'm not sure if I can do that with this, I haven't looked at the manual yet.
But even if I can't, it's not a huge loss.
At least I can look for cut weapons and chars, stuff like that.

Not every cheat program can do all of those...
I've tried a few and none of them were any good.

ASUS CH4, 1090t @ 4ghz, 2x1gb @ 2ghz, GT240
2x1tb Modded WD Green RAID0, Optiarc 7241S
Modded Enermax 350w

Win7 Ent x86 VLM / Win2K3 Svr Ent SP2-R2 x86 VLM
see link in sig for the program I use
(07-24-2010, 04:08 PM)NEOAethyr Wrote: There's one other thing I'de like to beable to do....

Just select the code and right click on it=>Edit=>and there you'll find more cool things including what you wanted.

Personally I haven't encounter better cheating program that this one and I haven't tried one or two.
Yeah I noticed that Smile.
It doesn't accept directinput controllers though like the xbox or ps2.

But there's still some use in it...
Make a cheat toggle kb key for most codes.
Etc, whatever you know.

Using the ControlMK program that the xbcd auther made, you could set a controller button to do this code toggling.
Using a key or combo of keys you'de never actually use on the keyboard and mapping it to a button (also making it un-mapped in pcsx2... and making the char action via a hack lol).
Making it possible to set code toggles like super jumps and such to a button on your controller like you could way back in the ps1 days with the gspro Laugh.

Pretty sweet.

Artmoney does seem to have it's bugs though.
Especially with it's alt mem access functions.
If you have them enabled, load a table file without selecting a proccess 1st and it'll bsod the os.
At least it does for me every time Sad.

I also get access violations when I search for a 0 value then a value like 500(I've tried diff values other then 500).
I've gotten that error in xenosaga 2 when searching for the 3rd char's hp in battle.
I've already got the code for it but it's been useful as a test because I can find the error pretty easy.

If I don't open a game in pcsx2 and I do the same there's no error.
That's about all I've tried to do.

I suspect it's accessing a module it shouldn't be, or it's just a bug.
Or.., my system is unstable, which it was yesterday even at stock speeds Sad.
I managed to fix my stability though but I still get that one error.

Don't get me wrong I can hack with it, just in one circumstance it fails on me.

Time will tell though.
When I build my mom's pc I'll re-test it and see if the same error happens on her system.
If not then I've got a serious unfixable hardware prob on my system somewhere.
(Allready tried 1 stick at a time with both my sticks)

I've checked over it's change logs and it seems like it could be a possible bug.

I still like the program though.
Hopefully another ver will come out to fix the probs sooner or later.

Oh and other then the bugs here and there.
There's one thing I don't like so far.
I save a "table" of codes, but it doesn't save my values.
Maybe it's possible to save the values somehow or something but I haven't figuered that out yet.
I suppose if there isn't a way, I can allways write down to the side what they should be set to.

And I forgot to mention, the re'doing of the offset between runs, I've gotten used to it.
Pretty nice feature.

I'll check out what you use in a little while Smile.

ASUS CH4, 1090t @ 4ghz, 2x1gb @ 2ghz, GT240
2x1tb Modded WD Green RAID0, Optiarc 7241S
Modded Enermax 350w

Win7 Ent x86 VLM / Win2K3 Svr Ent SP2-R2 x86 VLM
1.Yes it can't use shortcut buttons other that keyboard buttons

2.I use that program since 6.?? version and it never gives me bsod...only errors sometimes but most of the times it's because I do something that will most likely that will happen(error to appear)

3.Yes the program can't remember values(or I think it can't),I wish this feature will be added someday.

And as a side note,there is one other cheating program but that program is for more advanced users but can remember names,values and tons of other things.It have a lot more features but don't have some of the features of ArtMoney that I use a lot(or at least I thing it don't have...I didn't use it much)
I messed around yesterday and artmoney ran fine.
It still gets the access violation error I talked about in xenosaga2 when searching for 0 then a diff # (at least it does at a certain part of the game).

But I've tried the same thing in xenosaga1 and there was no error.
Played around and swapped kosmos's in battle weapon and moves with that of shion's lol.
Got kosmos to do the spellray tech of shions 100% correct lol, same movements and everything (except for the 2 hits before the tech).
That was pretty wicked, I wouldn't mind making a vid of it sometime.

I checked out "memory hacking software", and phaste.
I didn't actually put them to use but I have them installed.
No spyware or anything from what I can tell.

There's a newer ver of phaste btw, v1.5, in the tool dir off the auther's site.
In japanese only though.

ASUS CH4, 1090t @ 4ghz, 2x1gb @ 2ghz, GT240
2x1tb Modded WD Green RAID0, Optiarc 7241S
Modded Enermax 350w

Win7 Ent x86 VLM / Win2K3 Svr Ent SP2-R2 x86 VLM
you don't need the new one, the one I linked to works perfectly fine. and if you get an access violation then you likely pointed the wrong pointer somewhere it shouldn't have been (I have a code that ONLY works in phaste, pnatch files shoot off TONS of errors a second.
(07-27-2010, 01:06 AM)NEOAethyr Wrote: No spyware or anything from what I can tell.

Well you don't need to check everything I suggest you...I use them from a long time and I know they are clean.

And about your error...probably some program is interfering(some protection type program)or it is because of your settings.

BTW to make your life easier,start a game,start Phaste and click on "Snap pcsx2"(below you'll get the "Base Address").Open your notepad and drag-drop your "artmoney.emul" file from the ArtMoney directory.Search for "*Sony Playstation 2" and at the end of it add

pcsx2 name;the full pcsx2 name + exe
;RAM 32MB;00000000;the Base address that Phaste find;2000000

here is an example
;RAM 32MB;00000000;03F61000;2000000

and save(artmoney must not be started while you are doing that or if it its,just restart it).
When you do that,the next time when you start ArtMoney,choose from
Address Range: Emulator
Game System: If the options from Option=>Searching Auto detect emulator by file name is enable,here it will be automatically Playstation 2
Emulator: If no other of the data base is using the same name you put,it will automatically choose the emulator version,otherwise you have to choose it.

Doing all that will do this...if you have for example 1gb ram,when you search for cheats,ArtMoney will search thorough 32mb ram(that's how much the PS2 have and pcsx2 use)not thorough your whole 1gb ram which will decrease the searching time by a lot and as bonus,when you click on the finded address it will automatically show you what is the address you need if you going to put the cheat into pnach file.

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