Cheat table for Steel lancer arena international
Hey I'm new here  and I wan to share my cheat engine table for this game. because why not?
This game is rarely played 
this table does not contain such things as HP or Camouflage (there easier ways like Codebreaker)
but the point of this table is cheating in a unfair way.

Some titles are in spanish but easy to figure out

//Tiendas/Store is a list of the store it goes from 
for 0 is Hard-wired
and 15 wild machines(an unlockable by defeating rankers)

//money(self explanatory)//day (day selector day 1 is 0 and day 99 is 98)

//Arm-shoulders cheating
like ammo, mod(number of bullets per shot). laser charge, blast radius(shoulders)

in MOD DO NOT PUT HIGH VALUES LIKE 99 should be less than 15
or else the game will run slow is like spawing a tsunami of cheese in skyrim but *****

//Chip-leveling (max value is 99)
you can level up your chip to max level  by playing 1 match 
but you must use it during a match

//item selector
The address of this may change but and easy way to find his value is:
         1.-Go to mechanic once inside  scan for 65535 with 2 byte TYPE
         2.-Go to BODY MODS and search for
             2.1- if the body is a PROTON search for 0
                    if the body is KHT search for 1
                    if the body is CARRO search for 2
                    if the body is ZWERG search for 3
                    if the body is HARTMAN search for 4

do not pass the max values or the game will freeze
   max value for body-mods is 0-7
   max value for legs-mods is 0-32
   max value for arm-mods is 0-45
   max value for shoulders-mods is 0-45
   max value for option-mods is 0-99? (I don't really know what is the max value here there is tons of useless thing)

Hope you enjoy

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