CheatEngine to Pnach?
Is it at all possible or should I just research all the cheats I've found in the patch finder?

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ArtMoney has one file that convert your finded cheat to what you have to type as address in pcsx2 but first you must find the starting address.It is possible to use Cheat Engine and after that convert the address to pcsx2 address.

For example on pcsx2-r1072(on some versions(and maybe pc's)is different the starting address)
PC address for some cheat - 04FF6158
PCSX2 address for the same cheat - 01C95158(used pcsx2 Patch Finder)

Take your calculator and set it to Hex mode and:
So when you find your cheat just use the pc address minus 3361000 and you'll get the pcsx2 cheat address.

If nothing's changed since 0.9.4 and 0.9.5 the memory range is 32mb(1FFFFFF)
Finally the pcsx2 cheats are starting from 03361000 to 05360FFF.When you know this and use it,finding cheats will be a lot faster(not searching through all of your ram(if it's a lot(1,2,4gb...)it will take a lot of time)
Wow, ok thanks alot, you've saved me a heap of trouble.

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