Cheating for FFX-2
Did I do something wrong? I did the mascot code a week ago and it worked fine, but I just put these other 8 in and it said they were loaded but they didn't work.

I did ARMAX -> unencrypted standard like some youtube guide told me to :<

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The converter is outdated, cheat addresses in PCSX2 start with 2xx... ; most possibly you'll have to replace the first "1" digit with "2" but I have encountered times this is not correct though. Try it either way. Also I use Max Convert which does correctly the conversion but it's a bit more advanced/less noob friendly.
In extended mode,the starting digit is correct.
0 for values between 0-255(0-FF)
1 for values between 0-65535(0-FFFF)
2 for values between 0-4294967295(0-FFFFFFFF)

The byte,short,word method uses 2 as first digit.
why are u using a cheat to get the mascot? did u miss the chance to get it or u want to get it earlier on?

be careful when u cheat or it could mess up your game. if cheating doesn't work then forget it and continue playing

btw you don't need mascot to beat the game. you can do without it. make paine and rikku dark knights. level them up and give them accessories that raise hp and attack power then keep on using the darkness attack. let yuna be the healer. if u do things properly then the darkness attack will do above 7000 hp damage to all. u can even have 3 dark knights. u will be unstoppable

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