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Cheats again...
First I want to apologize because I don't know where I should have posted this question being the 2nd time i asked (different game though)

The question is I am trying to get the cheats to work for Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 and this is my pnach file. It says it recognizes the cheats but I don't see for example all items in the database. I got these codes from

if I have to convert these codes using omnivert or whatever how would I do this exactly?

comment=ROTK 8

Master code

All Items in Database

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What version of the game are you playing? NTSC-J NTSC-U or PAL? And what version are the cheats for?
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Yes, they need conversion, but I could not make omniconvert work with that code (in the linked page is said it is for the interact version 2).
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Try this
//All Items in Database

//All Events in Database
It works now Thank you for all your help guys appreciate it. If I have another question where should I post it? I don't usually have any but I don't want to keep making new threads and taking up space or whatever.
If it's related to the thread title,just ask here or create some other thread with all of your questions.
I thought I would revive this thread (I have the same issue and it gives a good idea what was tried).

Ramza1 got it to work, however, he did not post what he did to make it work.

I want to use the same cheats:

These codes are only compatible with GameShark version 2.
Master Code (Must be on)

All Items in Database

All Events in Database

Unfortunately, when I attempt to convert this code in Omniconverter - nothing happens!.

I attempted to use action replay cheats and it's all saying registered in the emulator, however, nothing unlocks in the game.

EU bios, EU Version of Romance of the three kingdoms VIII ( Rotk 8).
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