Cheats are loading but not taking effect
Hello, I am completely new to emulators. I am currently attempting to play KH2FM using cheats to play the entire game on final form using codes I got from here:
The codes are loading correctly but nothing is actually happening in game. Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Here is what my pnach file looks like:

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.pnach   FAF99301.PNACH (Size: 1,7 KB / Downloads: 168)

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Did you find these cheats formatted as-is or did you convert them using Omniconvert or one of the other cheat formatting softwares?

Some general things about cheats:
- Check that "Enable Cheats" is checked in the System menu
- Check that the CRC of your game matches the pnach file name
- There should be a "not found cheats file" message containing the number of loaded cheats that prints in the console shortly after the game boots; look for this and check that it is correct (yes "not found" is a translation hiccup)
- Do not use savestates

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