Cheats aren't working ?
Hi guys, first i'm sorry if this the wrong place.

not sure if it's bug.
bug whenever i use cheats to any game they are not working on 1.0.0
the strange thing there was no problem in 0.9.8 and 0.9.9 versions.
i used PCSX2CE tool to convert codes into .pnach files, the log says "Cheats Found!" X cheats are loaded. but in the actual game no effect.

appreciating any help

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anyone ? Sad
If you are using savestates, then thats probably why.
Older savestates might not work on newer versions of PCSX2.
Nothing changed from the .98 to the new versions in the pnach department. That means only you was doing things right before.

Since is reported the cheats are found and they aren't working, so they are wrong... there is no way to tell what is going astray without knowing specific cases.
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