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Cheats don't seem to work
On Persona 3 FES, I found some cheats and the filename for the pnach, 94A82AAA.pnach, the file contents are as follows
gametitle= Persona 3 Fes

comment=S.Link Never Reverse

comment=Always "Shuffle Time" After Battle

comment=Hp And Sp Recover After Battle

comment=Hero Always Great

comment=Yukari Always Great

comment=Aegis Always Great

comment=Mitsuru Always Great

comment=Junpei Always Great

comment=Fuuka Always Great

comment=Akihiko Always great

comment=Ken Always Great

comment=Shinjiro Always Great

comment=Koromaru Always Great

I originally had them all as word, but a quick search on here had someone else posting things with word, someone said to change it to extended, and it apparently worked for him.

It says the cheats were loaded, but nothing is changed, characters still have good status, hp and sp doesn't refill, and there isn't always a shuffle time.

What can I do to make these work?

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Does it say in the title bar of the game window that they loaded correctly? should say [23 patches] and the comments in the console window should apear too.
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(06-01-2011, 04:26 AM)Shadow Lady Wrote: Does it say in the title bar of the game window that they loaded correctly? should say [23 patches] and the comments in the console window should apear too.

It says

Cheats found!
comment: S.Link Never Reverse
comment: Always "Shuffle Time" After Battle
comment: Hp And Sp Recover After Battle
comment: Hero Always Great
comment: Yukari Always Great
comment: Aegis Always Great
comment: Mitsuru Always Great
comment: Junpei Always Great
comment: Fuuka Always Great
comment: Akihiko Always great
comment: Ken Always Great
comment: Shinjiro Always Great
comment: Koromaru Always Great
Cheats Loaded: 22

I guess it says 22 because the code has the comment out slashes, I don't want it unless I find stuff to be really annoying.

So I take it that it finds the cheats correctly, and loads them, but I don't know why no effect is had.

I got the first four codes from

And the Always Great status codes from

Now, neither of these say they're for FES, but the codemasters thing DOES have a code for Aegis, who i've heard is only playable in FES, so the rest of the great status codes should work, but none of them are. The great status ones are the ones I need the most, I found I can't fight through two entire floors before they start getting tired.

Edit: It also says 22 cheats on the title bar.
Edit2: It appears I was incorrect, Aegis can be playable in the first scenario, which means that all the codes I collected are likely only for the original version of Persona 3, and not FES, thats likely why they aren't working.
It was indeed that they were for the wrong version of the game. Thank you for paying attention to this thread, it should be fine to close it now.


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