Cheats /glitches crash bandicoot the wrath of cortex
POST GUIDES, GLITCHES OR CHEATS HERE!! Only for crash bandicoot the wrath of Cortex PS2

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Level 1 on the BLUE GEM path which is accessable by not dying and reaching a flying saucer with skull and Crossbones on it . But before you jump on it, make sure you go to the end of the level and activate the nitro switch as this is helpful. Then go back to the flying saucer platform and jump on it. When you reach the other route you will see that it is easier as there are no nitros to kill crash. Continue the level until the camera changes to top view angle and get the blue gem then,  start at the lowest pillar then slide jump your way to the warp machine.
gametitle=Crash Bandicoot - The Wrath of Cortex greatest hits version 1.01 (USA) CRC=103B5706

/Cheat Menu (R2 while paused) greatest hits version works

/Invincible greatest hits version works (stops music!)

//P1 Press Select For 99 Fruit greatest hits version works Code Master GS5


/Invincible greatest hits version works (press select to summon 1 mask)
I couldn't get those codes to work at all maybe because mine is platinum version and my friend also can't get them to work

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