Cheats in PCSX2 Emulator
How to use cheats in PCSX2 Emulator?

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try searching maybe? plenty of guides, and a sticky about it
(05-25-2013, 04:44 AM)WillAlvers Wrote: really??

I don't use cheats and never will so I don't know how to use them either, there is no wrong question Laugh
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I also didn't use any cheat till now Smile
why we need cheats ?
To cheat in game Laugh
I try Code Breaker and GameShark and cheats not working in game.
(05-25-2013, 01:04 PM)Sandi1987 Wrote: I try Code Breaker and GameShark and cheats not working in game.

Maybe because these engines aren't like games, they change the way PS2 works and then they can't be correctly emulated.

Still, codebreaker is know to work sometimes. But it's messy, better using the onboard pnach cheats system.
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You can use "Cheat Engine" to make your own hacks Smile
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