Cheats not loading as per pnach file

I've noticed if you have pnach files with the same Serial ID but different CRC, the game will load all cheats based on the Serial ID and ignore the CRC.

For example I have 2 versions of GTA Vice City and have two pnach files:

For some reason I can't get cheats to work for SLUS-20552_248E6126, but managed to get cheats to work for SLUS-20552_9E312BAF.pnach.

I have two pnach files in my cheats directory as they are above, but  SLUS-20552_9E312BAF.pnach is also loading cheats from the other version.

I'll have to keep looking for cheats that work for SLUS-20552_248E6126, because for some strange reason when I play  SLUS-20552_9E312BAF the game loads up then I think it corrupts or something (No Cheats Active At All) after the loading screen it takes me to some sort of racing arena and its real glitchy and Tom seems to be sat facing as if he was sat with his legs out of the passenger side and the emulator will run extremely slow (to almost crashing).

I'd have to quickly press start button to then start a new game, no idea why it takes me to this race arena when the only game save I have is at the very beginning of the game and if I hit load it will go to a screen saying welcome to vice city and that's it.

I don't know why it's doing this when it works ok on my console, but shouldnt cheats also only display codes hat region and game version, not merge them into one.

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