Cheats not seeming to work
I have the pnach file set up properly, I keep checking the console and every single time it acknowledges the correct number of codes - it looks like it SHOULD be working, but the cheats themselves don't appearĀ present themselves in-game (at least, not all of them).

The game I'm using is Kingdom Hearts, and the codes I'm using came from here(though I did attempt to use some AR MAX codes using a converter with similar results). Specifically, I want the fast level-up one. After setting up the pnach and such, I tried everything: loading the game normally, loading a save state within, etc. but I'm not seeing a difference at all.

I attempted a few other codes he has listed there (all the other Sora ones), and actually one of them DID make itself clear (the full MP gauge) but none of the others showed up even though I used them all at once.

Is there a special way some codes should be used? Or are these just bad codes (as well as pretty much every other code list I've found, apparently)?

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For fast level ups:

// All Characters: 65,535 EXP
Instantly levels you up several times per kill

Here's a pnach I posted:
To enable a code you want to use, make sure the // is removed in front of the patch=1,EE lines, and to disable one you simply add them (commenting them out basically).
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