Cheats not working in Qt build
Hello, perhaps I'm out of the loop but I can't seem to get .pnach files to load in the nightly builds of PCSX2 for Mac.  Currently using v1.7.4390 but it's always been like this when I've tried a Qt build.  The old wxWidgets build I have works fine.  I have checked in the Qt build's settings to confirm that it is using the folder /Users/[me]/Library/Application Support/PCSX2/cheats, and the .pnach is in there.  The wx build uses the same folder for cheats and has no problem loading the .pnach file.  I also don't know how to see any logging for the Qt build to see if it thinks something is wrong with the .pnach or if it even notices it.  Since I'm sure I'll be asked, this the the entire contents of the .pnach:

patch=1,EE,001C726C,word,00000000 # no movies

And it's named FD9CD8FC.pnach (that's the US release of Oni).  It's always worked fine for me before the Qt era.

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I figured it out. Trailing comments ("# comment at end of line") do not work anymore and will prevent that patch from working.
I hope you find a solution to your situation. If this isn't the case. You must obtain the crc name for Silent Hill (click esc at the bottom right to display the crc name).

The pnach file should be named "crc-name".pnach.

Select "Go" in your finder, then "Option" and "Library." You are searching at this folder.

/Users/"your user"/Library/App Support/PCSX2/cheats/crc-name.pnach

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