Cheats problem...
I've been having a hard time finding a complete, updated tutorial about creating your own pnach file. I was using a program called Pcsx2 cheat converter, and Omniconvert.

When I finish creating my pnach file and open the game in the emulator, I get the message "cheats found 2" and then many lines of messages that read something like this:

(EE pc:00081FC0) TLB Miss, addr=0x71b8 [store]

Is this is a good sign? a bad sign?

Nevertheless, the cheats are not working in game.

I also tried the easier method with just using the codebreaker.ELF file, loading the cheats, then the game, but the cheats simply don't work with that method either. Could the country region have something to do with it? I'm using a Japanese game.

I appreciate the help!

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Maybe you didn't use the correct input mode in omniconvert and because of that,the codes are not in raw format and pcsx2 crash

And about I told you in the other thread,codebreaker have codes only for NTSC(USA) games and it requires the codes to use v1+ encryption,v7 common encryption or to be raw format and it also requires a master code
I see. Well I had copied the code from the codebreaker format into omnibreaker and converted them into raw format. Do you think it will still be a problem that it is a Japanese game? Or do the codes for the Japanese versions of games differ from their NTSC counterparts? In other words, do I need to find Japanese codes?

i simply went to a website that had ps2 codes and that's where I found them. It says on the side " codes compatible for Code Breaker PS2 version 7.0 or higher".. so in omnibreaker, what should I select for the input? I'm guessing Codebreaker 7. How about the output. Again, I'm guessing Unencrypted--> Standard?

Also I don't know what I should do about the line that says "Unnamed Cheat" in the output of omnibreaker. just don't copy it?
i cant say for sure but considering vsub has said it before, and said it again here:

"codebreaker have codes only for NTSC(USA)"

my understanding of this would lead me to believe that NTSC(JP) is not the same as NTSC(USA), therefore no matter how hard you look, unless your looking for codes for the US version of the game, you wont find anything or get anything to work... just a thought...
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Of course you'll need codes for the JP version of the for other version will not work.
And there are two type codebreaker encryption but if you can't recognize them,you won't know even if the codes are already raw format and they don't need converting.

Unnamed Cheat meas that you just didn't put any name for the cheat in the input,you just pasted the code there and omniconvert automatically put name for the code because codebreaker requires a name for the cheat.

...I'm too lazy to explain everything now but for starters you need JP codes(it doesn't matter if they are for CodeBreaker(omniconvert can convert them to raw))for JP version of a game.

And yes NTSC(USA) is not the same as NTSC(JP)...they have the same framerate but the USA game have everything in English and JP everything in Japanese(it's impossible(I'm not 100% sure)both games to use the same memory addresses for the codes))
Thanks for the explanation...

Well just an interesting thing. When I had copied the English Codebreaker codes, converted them, then created the cheat file, the game loaded a few of them, but the codes had different effects than listed on the site. Anyway..

Anyone happen to have a site with cheats for Japanese games? Smile

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