Cheats wont work HELP!
I've been trying to activate some cheats for final fantasy X NTSC-U on PCSX2 1.0.0

I've made a .pnach file in the cheats folder of the PCSX2 and named it after my game's CRC.

I'm using action replay max codes that i converted with omniconvert to RAW codes. Looks like this

gametitle=Final Fantasy X [SLUS_203.12] [F0800C1E]


//all overdrives

//infinite money

I have the "allow cheats" enabled in my emulator settings and still they just wont work. I really need some help.

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Do not work doesn't say much. Are they detected? Or simply ineffective?

Also master codes are useless.
Also make sure the file extension is definately .pnach and not just a txt file whose name ends in .pnach Tongue
they are detected but they do not work in-game. also the file is in fact a .pnach not a .txt file. i see in the console cheats detected! cheats : 3. but they simply dont work in game, anything i did wrong in the format of the file?
The codes are fine themselves but i don't guarantee the addresses are. Make sure the converted codes are correct, and check other input types too, since the codes listed under gameshark or codebreaker or whatever are usually not of what they claim (shrugs).
According to your CRC:F0800C1E, It looks the same case here.

No need "master" code for pcsx2, but if there is, simply ignored.

At least "infinite money" is a correct address I used to.

BTW I have posted item raw code tool for FF X (NTSC-U)
rakkanick rather than wondering what's wrong,for such simple codes you don't need pnach.
Better use FFXED to add to your save tons of things(including all overdrives and max money)

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