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Choppy/Stutter at 60 fps?
Hey everybody, got a weird problem here. I'm currently trying to play Star Ocean 3 on my machine. Using the ISO instead of the disk as I've been told that it's faster. My problem is that even at what seems to be 59-60 constant fps, every few seconds I can feel the screen lag a bit, or just stutter. I can't really explain it, it will run perfectly smooth but often after like 10 secs or so it'll stutter then go back to being fine. I've searched up as much as I can, to find no solution, so just wanted to see what replies I'd get. I'm using a laptop, but it has decent specs, or so I believe. I'm new to this, so I'm not sure whether it's the settings or not. I've tweaked around the settings, but it doesn't do much. This is with speedhacks off, and no frame skipping enabled etc. The game is completely playable, I'd just rather it be played completely smooth if possible, rather than having this stutter every few secs. Thanks in advance!

PCSX 1.0.0 r5350
Gsdx 5334 SSE41

Intel core I5 - 3210m 2.5ghz with Turbo Boost up to 3.1ghz
NVIDIA GeForce GT 630m 1gb

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That game is somewhat intensive, mainly in certain areas, but the issue is most probably on the GS side, try advancing VU cycle stealing just a bit and that should reduce the problem without too significant quality loss. Return to no speedhack if no lucky and report back please.
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Alright, I've gone back to Default settings so that you can refer to what settings i'm using (still 1.0.0 for windows and using Win7x64)
I've unticked everything in speedhacks, and the only thing enabled in it is the VU cycle stealing (as i've moved that up to 1) and the game still has the same issue. Also is it normal for GS to never hit over like 20%? It rarely does, just wondering if that's a reason. As I said the fps is constant 59-60 still, and nothing drops when the stutter happens, but the GS reads about 9% when it does, whether that is a reason, I don't know. The VU Cycle Stealing didn't seem to alter it at all. I don't believe it to be my cpu/gpu, I would of thought it would handle it, I feel like there's a setting that is just making this happen, because other than that it runs smooth =/
If the GS is showing 98% at slowdown then your cpu is struggling on the GS side, so MTVU hack won't help. You could try VU cycle stealing to 2. If that doesn't work, perhaps try software ode with extra rendering threads set to 3.
OS: Linux Mint 17.2 64 bit (occasional Antergos/Arch user)
(I am no longer a Windows user)
CPU: Intel Pentium G3258
GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti

Tested the VU cycle stealing set to 2 - Not really a difference. Tried Software mode with extra rendering threads set to 3, Not really a difference either, however in this mode, the fps can go from 50-60 as opposed to the 59-60 I had on hardware. Also, would it matter what DX I've got it set to? It's on DX9

*Edit* Also Tested DX11 Hardware. Made the game act strange, 60fps still, but the stutter was still there and text/changing screens - was very slow, also with no fps drops
Then try disabling turbo boost. Turbo boost can cause instability in frame rates as you never know when the turbo is lending a helping hand. Also try the latest SVN version, go to the plugin settings, then adapter, and make sure you are using the Nvidia card, not Intel graphics (laptops are notorious for running wrong gpu). If your game starts to go slow down then you know it's the intermittent turbo boost needed to keep you at a good fps. Ultimately, laptops are just not that great for pcsx2.
OS: Linux Mint 17.2 64 bit (occasional Antergos/Arch user)
(I am no longer a Windows user)
CPU: Intel Pentium G3258
GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti

Using the Nvidia Card, for sure. The game was a tad bit laggier than with Turbo boost..That might be it. I'll try the latest SVN version. Hopefully it's better, if not, I'll live. Thanks very much for your help!
Dude, munir, do we have the same laptop????
CPU: Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.5GHz (turbo boost up to 3.1GHz)
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 630M 1GB
Windows 8 Acer Aspire V3-571G-6407
O.o Yeah we do Josh, what are the chances!

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