Cinematic Blocks FFX PCSX2
Anyway to fix the cinematic scenes for FFX for it doesnt do it anymore or is this being worked on?
It also tends to slow down the games FPS.

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Did you use the newer version of mac?
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(01-25-2014, 02:38 PM)Brock lessner Wrote: Did you use the newer version of mac?

Doesn't look like he did since it's running in X11. It says "shaders full" in the titlebar. What do your plugin settings look like? It could be that they're trying to do way too much.

Also, I'll be uploading an updated version of my Wine-based PCSX2-CE 1.0 for Mac tonight. Keep an eye out for it and give that a try! It should work a lot better than both PCSX2/Mac 0.97a and the last version of PCSX2-CE I uploaded.

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