Clock Tower 3 - Can't Open Doors
At first I thought this was due to bugginess with cheats, but I disabled all the cheats and I still get this bizarre problem:
In the Sledgehammer chapter, if I knock over the beer bottle on my way back from getting the matches or I go to the hallway that takes me back to the auditorium, Sledgehammer appears in the next room over and I suddenly can't open any doors at all. He doesn't disappear after waiting for a long time. Maybe it is some leftover artifact from the cheats, but liek I said I turned them off and it still happens. Is this just a strange bug in the game itself not related to PCSX2?

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Try changing the advanced options settings "config > advanced"

We could use more info on your PCSX2/plugin settings and your system specs.
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My system specs are in my sig.

As for PCSX2, here goes:
GSDx 890 (SSE41)
Linuz Iso
Frame Limiting Mode: Limit
No speed hacks

EE Recs:
Round mode: Cop/zero
Clamp mode: Normal
Denormals are zero

VU Recs:
Round Mode: Chop/Zero
Clamp Mode: Normal
Denormals are zero
Nice rig!

ok a few things you can try.

As suggested above, under config->advanced, change the clamp modes to their highest settings, see if that makes a difference.
Grab the latest PCSX2 beta if you don't already from here
Turn off those cheats! modifying the game code, if not done 100% perfectly will cause you problems in games.

While you are there, you might as well grab the latests GSDX as well from here
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