Close Emulator...!!!
I'm running Gran Turismo 4 with the plugins GSDX in Direct3D9, with 1680X1050 full screen resolution. If I want to close the emulator, I can not because the ALT + ENTER does not work.
What can I do to close the emulator without having to do CTRL + ALT + DEL? In direct3d10 the alt + enter works to switch to full screen.
A little help, if anyones know.

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Can anyone tell me???? PLEASE.
Well...for now, only GSDX10 have the ALT+ENTER implemented. GSDX9 can't do ALT+ENTER. Either use esc or don't use fullscreen if you want to use GSDX9. If you can try using GSDX10. If not, then yeah...there's nothing that can be done.
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yea the only way to get out is by using the Esc button. (make sure you have "Close GS Window on Esc" set in the Misc menu Smile)
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If ESC doesn't work also (yea, happens with TwinPad for ex) try using another pad plugin, like lillypad.
Ok. Thank's all.
I'm gona try.

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