Close to giving up :(
Sorry if this is in the wrong section and has been answered allready but my problem with the emu is my games keep pausing and by that i mean during gameplay and even cutscenes the game would just straight up pause as if the games frozen and crashed then about 3/4 seconds later it would carry on,at first i thought it was the game but its started happening on most games i try now,i dont remember it happening before i switched to version 1.6.0 (not saying thats the reason) i use a i7 9700 & a rtx 2060 - win 10,ive tried all the differant settings renderers,speed hacks ect to the point of what this topic is called lol,some settings improve the situation a bit until the problem ends up repeating itself again,only thing i havent looking into is my nvidia 3d settings & my games being stored on a usb harddrive rather than one inside the pc,any help would make my day,thx  Smile

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First of all enabling random settings in most cases will just worsen the emulation. Second of all which games you having issues with? Third of all you could make a separate folder for 1.7 to test out with:
It is possible that windows or the usb hdd turns itself off die to interactivity
Did you tried just for test to copy any of the problematic games to your pc and run it from there

I have two external hdds and one of them turns itself off after few minutes of inactivity and when the game need to load something again,this happens
Yep problem solved that was exactly the issue thanks a ton,i totally forgot i moved all my stuff over to another hhd back in december and never played anything again until recently we can rap this up now but before i go i had a few things on my mind that will prob help in the future if theres any other problems,1.can my nvidia global 3d settings effect this emulator and its games in anyway because i have no idea ? 2.i know its based on ur hardware and the game ect but whats better between direct 3d 11 hardware and open gl hardware ? i use to use direct 3d for a long time but then some games had weird issues i could only fix by switching to open gl,i was also under the assumption direct 3d was the better one because it allowed ur graphics card as a adapter again i have no clue ? and finally recently ive been switching allot between 2x native 720p & 3x native 1080p and i literally cant tell a differance between them,am i missing something ?
1.There are not many nvidia settings that can affect the performance in a notable way
2.For nVidia,OpenGL is better because OpenGL have more graphical things fixed and nVidia have better OpenGL drivers support than AMD

Direct3D may give you higher speed(not always)but there may be graphical bugs which are probably fixed with OpenGL

You can change graphic adapters in D3D because you choose what you what to use while in OpenGL,it automatically selects the nVidia gpu because there is nothing better than nVidia for OpenGL

If your screen size is not large enough,you will not see any difference but the gpu usage will go up
Some games also use textures that are unaffected by scaling(on my 17 inch laptop screen,I barely see a difference between 2x and 3x and I have to look really hard to see a difference between 3x and 4x)
So my custom window size and custom resolution setting even tho its off have nothing to do with how good the resolution can look ? thing is i was browsing some videos on silent hill 4 and found one witch was labeled as 4k and i could tell how good it looked even tho i only use a 1080p monitor with the video quality set to 1080,since then ive been dabeling in the custom shader config is there anyway to have a backup with the default settings with out having to manualy change them myself everytime ? i hit save not save as after i was done so now i have a file that says default in the title but i cant open it to access the settings like i did with the original,i also enabled wide screen patches in the system tab because i had black bars above and below the game but the info on the setting is cut off so i cant read it all something about ''cause problems'' ?

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