CoD:Finest Hour running slowly
Its the only game i currently own till i can get this working properly. I try playing it and once it gets to the gameplay after all the videos. the fps drops to about 17 and some ground textures disappear. The Emotion engine maxes out when gameplay begins... any help? the Bios version is USA 1.60 07/02/2002








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The game may only be playable with Software rendering. That can require an even more powerful CPU to run fast.

Change to a software renderer in the Video (GS) plugin settings, or toggle between it and the standard hardware renderer with F9 during gameplay.

EDIT: The game is listed as playable with version 0.9.9. (See here on Compatibility List)

That PCSX2 version would be SVN, and it may include fixes for the game. Download the latest by following the "SVN" link near the top of the page on the main site (where I linked you).
I changed it to Direct3D9 (software) from hardware and the EE ran smoothly but the GS was maxed out and only getting 4 fps...
You can't use Direct3D10? Weak GPU?

Tried the SVN?
there was a multithread speedhack in 0.9.9 that sort of did the trick, still runs choppy half the time but atleast its playable

only 9 and 11 are on the list... no clue why. but i thought a HD 5750 was decent enough for ps2 D: the game runs at like 25-50 fps and the EE or GS or VU doesnt max out anymore so its progress.

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