Code merge completed
put this line in the top of file microVU.cpp & microVU_Tables.cpp

#include "PrecompiledHeader.h"

.... o_o

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wtf, I tried that already and it gave me the same errors,

now I tried again but copy&pasted it and it works,

thank you
Yea. DEBUG/DEVEL versions seem to be bugged atm. Release doesn't use precompiled headers so if you don't plan using debug versions don't worry about fixing the error yourself. Just switch to release solution Wink
What's the differrence between pcsx2-rXXX and pcsx2-rXXXm?
the scnd one has some internal modifications, in my's something like that for GSdx
Well props for the move! And now there's a nice pretty site we can all visit for news etc. right? Also does this mean that the original Devs are more active now, or have some more free time?
Are there any plans to include x64 linux support, now that this is the official release?
Nope,decisions made will remain intact.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
But how can I compile pcsx2 as a 32bit target under Linux x64.
I know the arg -m32 for gcc, and sh x86-32, but none of those work.
Well, I am certainly not a linux expert, and I never tried to compile pcsx2 under linux, but you can surely do it by setting up a 32bit chroot. However this is not such an easy task, I never tried myself.

If there are any other ways, I certainly do not know. My knowledge of compiling under linux is... cursory at best XD

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