Codebreaker Day 1 Updates?
Hello everyone! Smile

Anyone know how to update codebreaker with DAY1 files?

I cant seem to find a way. It asks me for a flashdrive but of course it wont read it from my pc.

Anyone have any ideas?

Its really going to suck if i have to enter the codes manually Smile

thanks for the help

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Well, I kinda think im outa luck. It looks like I need a USB plugin that will allow me to connect a flash drive but I cant seem to find one.

I found a plugin called "buzz" something but I wasnt able to download it. Im not even sure if it would work with 9.7

If anyone has any ideas Smile please feel free to yell em out

im out of ideas
You can't because there is no USB plugin for that purpose.
(06-24-2010, 10:31 PM)vsub Wrote: You can't because there is no USB plugin for that purpose.

I demand a USB plugin. I dont care how many little asian kids you have to make work in a dirty underground ham factory to get it.

I want that plugin by tuesday.


" I want my 2 dollars"

lol Smile
#5 wouldn't work anyway. Codebreaker dumps the codes onto the memory card and doesn't load them from a USB directly. Also this thread is in the wrong section, it belongs in the closed thread section.

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