Codebreaker messes up video after iso swap, please help...
I load up codebreaker, then I select my codes and do the proper way to swap ISOs and after the swap, my video gets squished, is it the codes fault, the ISOs, or the emulator. Down below are links to screen shots on what happens before and after ISO swaps after selecting the codes I want.



The GS plug-in I'm using is "GSdx 4600 (MSCV 15.00, SSE2)" and the Linuz plug-in for CDVD. But after the swap my video just gets squished like the screen shots show.

Please ANY help will be greatly appreciated. Plus I use codes because I'm not looking for a challenge, that's for NEW games, old games is to play for the story line, for me at least. So don't suggest not using codes....

Again, any help would be appreciated, thank you for your time.

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Already tried built in PCSX2 ISO loader???

I'm using codebreaker with this and had not encountered any problem yet...

Disc swapping also seems a lot easier

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