Collision detection problem with Black?
Sometimes, but, but rarely, I get suddenly transported to another spot of the map and sometimes, I get stuck in an object in my way. There is no way to move once that happens. Is there anyway to fix these issues?

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I also experience these problems as i wrote here but other people seems to play the game with no such problems which i find very odd. It is very interesting what cause these problems for some people and for others there is nothing like that...
Playing a bit with clamping modes gives a great chance it might fix it.
Then why these problems occur to some people and to some others not? Which is different? Theoretically this games runs fine on default settings and I assume that we all use them(at least me)- interenal iso loading, gsdx hardware mode,EE/IOP and VUs settings at default. Which thing can cause this difference? Is it possible to happened because of different hardware? I doubt it.
If i remember correctly i tried few clamping mode settings with no luck.
So there's no way to even beat the first level for us, how is this game listed as green in the official compatibility list?

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I tried it now with r5443. Game settings is added to auto game fixes database.It turns out that VUs clamp mode fix the issue.I tried to replay the first level 3 times,and next two missions and i get stuck to objects only one time.Lets just say it fix the problem and it is possible to advance in the game.

But after a while of playing this game ,by my opinion is unplayable. Hardware mode has completely broken graphics-lights,effects,smoke and etc. Game must be played in software mode but performance is terrible([email protected]) even with speedhacks. And of course no option to change int res,as we know. ALso as i said,"stuck" problem is not completely fixed. This game goes to my list for future play games,when they are fixedBiggrin
I played mine of HW mode, 60 fps, no issues at all (I hit my controller's "mode" button, which swaps D-pad and analog, that's why I got stuck)
I completed Black a while ago in HW mode. Yes, it was slow at times, and I also got the "stuck" bug few times (save state helps) and the graphics are a bit messed up sometimes (sky, etc), but overall it was playable and enjoyable for me.
Well, I run it at 60fps in SW mode so no issues for me in the graphics department.

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