Colors in 1.7.3 seem to be "off"?
I just tried the latest nightly build I noticed that the colors seem to be kind of dim/dark compared to 1.6.0 (see the picture for comparison).


left is 1.6.0, right is 1.7.3
The colors definitely seem off in 1.7.3, specially in GoW 2. is there any way to fix this?

I know there's post processing settings that allow you to change the brightness, contrast and saturation. I've played with these settings for a little bit and the closest thing I came up with was to put 45 45 and 80 in GoW 1 respectively to replicate 1.6.0 colors but I couldn't come up  with anything for GoW 2.

any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Did you compare the graphic settings in both versions to see if anything is different?
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(09-19-2022, 12:29 AM)envisaged0ne Wrote: Did you compare the graphic settings in both versions to see if anything is different?
Yep, this is like the first thing I checked. I had the same settings in both versions. I played with the graphic settings for a while but I couldn't find any fix.
I guess my best option is to keep trying with the post processing settings. The best numbers I've got so far are 55 45 80. With these numbers they look almost identical but you can still see that there's something "off" specially with GoW 2
1.7.3 is newer and more things are emulated properly
To me the GoW2 with 1.6.0 looks like something is missing like some post processing effect is removed by the skipdraw hack
Maybe you can try the same hack in 1.7.3

Don't have 1.7.3 so I can't tell you where exactly the skpdraw HW Hack is

Also are you using DX11 in both versions(1.7.3 is probably using Vulkan)

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