Common problems in GTA VCS
Hello everyone, again i begin to see some issues in this GTA VCS on my laptop y50 (4710HQ with NVIDIA 860m):
First, is about this weird microlag problem, is like this: when i open my laptop and play the game in PCX2, when i do anything (like driving around), the game begins to freeze for about 1 second then it moves normal then when i move in other places, again, the same microlag
But here is the thing, when i revisit the places in game, the problem is gone but when i shutdown my laptop and begin to play the game again, after i open my laptop, the same problem explained above.
I thing the problem can be the turbo boost feature of my CPU or is other reason
Please answer me, because is the only game, i have this issue, other games i play, are good without issues

And i have another question: i see your new version 1.4, have OpenGL (hardware) renderer, if i use it, i will get an improve in performance in games
And also if i enable triple buffering in my video card control panel which is used in OpenGL, it will give me an extra performance

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