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Im not to sure if this is the right section, couldnt find anything (although i looked in all the places i could think of...)

but the question i have, is if my computer is good enough to run the PS2 emulator, i meet the minimuim and infact i think i break the recommended, but for some reason i still get low frame rate from the games i play and i can not figure it out......

i dont know if you want a DXdiag or not, but this is my specs

AMD athlon 64bit X2 7750 2.7ghz
Nvidia 8600 GTS (675mghz core) 512mb vidram
4gigs of ram (XP is saying 3.25gb of ram though, i have the 32bit, although it does seem wierd when the last i remember xp 32bit will show up as 3.50gb but ohh well)
Mobo is a GA-MA780G-UD3H
Sound card is a Creative Audigy 4
main hard drive: 160gb Western Sata drive (i think it said about 25% free space or something, i have a lot of games)
second is 750gb western Sata (and that one is my storage with 15% free ><)

i would grately appreciate any info or feedback. (btw i went ahead and attached a DXdiag.txt for the people who want more details)

Thanks Satan

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Typically Intel's tend to be way faster than AMD's. You might see decent framerates with less demanding games like Kingdom hearts and Final Fantasy X, but other games may be slow. If you haven't tried to do so, enable speedhacks and set your graphics to native, this may take some load off and bump your frames up. What games are you trying to play? some games won't run 100% frames on even high-end computers, or run at all.
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4 x 2GB PC2-6400 Corsair XMS2 DHX RAM
eVGA Intel GTX260 192sp
I do believe there are at least 3 active themes that discuss this very problem... Which means you didn't look carefully enough...
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ya i seen those, but those systems where better and worse then mine, and i think ive tryed all of the speed hacks but ill take another look here soon, and im trying to play a DBZ fighting game, (i think infinite world or something, the newer one) and Final fantasy X, i was able to get like 30 to 40 fps on FFX but it just seemed like i was missing something, i was trying to figure out if my whole system wasnt good enough, or if i needed to geta better vid card for them to work perfectly (alot of the FFX scenes would play (especially the CG ones) like the actual game, but when it does the in game sequence's it lags horribly......)
i guess you can basically say, what is good and bad about my PC and what would i need to upgrade to atleast get a constant 60FPS or 50 FPS....
Your CPU.
Watercooled Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 B3 Stepping @ 2.80GHz
4 x 2GB PC2-6400 Corsair XMS2 DHX RAM
eVGA Intel GTX260 192sp
so i would need a better cpu to run those games decently???

darn, and i thought getting a X2 with the architecture of a quad core would be better then qaud >< dont even use the other core much >.>

would my Vid card be fine, or if i do upgrade my proc, you think i would need to update my vid with it?????

if so i might as well build a whole new seperate rig...... and here i thought it would be better to just play them on the pc instead of just forking out another 150 to replace my dieing PS2.......
also, why is it only using 40-50% of my CPU??? shouldnt it use more????
I think your GPU is fine enough and another thing...if you dont want to spend money in upgrading your PC you can always wait for new versions cause as you see the Emulator is improving more and more...sooner or later you can emulate fine in a mid-range computer...

I hope that it is sooner Smile

About that CPU usage..are you checking it in the Task Manager?
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nothing now.

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no on the emulator, i just tryed FFXII and it went above 50% on one of the loads, but other then that the only problems i had was some of the ingame scenes and battle scenes.......

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