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Comp check for emulator
Make sure you check on the Task manager...and then report the usage again...
Playing with PCSX2:
nothing now.

C2D @ 2.8 Ghz
HD4670 1GB

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it jumps between 50% to like 70-90%, i seen it hit 90-100% on loads every once in awhile, but other then that it mostly stayed at 50 - 70-80%....

but what i dont get, is it will only like hit low FPS when i fight someone (when i hit them with a sword) or when i look at a sky or something, that looks and sounds like Video mostly.... but i dont know to much about emulators.....

(btw i was playing FFXII when i got those results, now on FFX it will slow down a great deal when it starts at the begining, and it gets to tidus when they are sitting around the camp fire before you take control of tidus (begining ingame scene))

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