Compat list outdated - do any of these work yet?
Sorry, but all the compat. list that I can find are pretty outdated/inaccurate/not alive. Of my collection of games, these are all that's left that aren't playable. Just wondering if anyone has found a way to play any of them - via new betas (I'm on 1888) plugins or EE setting changes, etc. Probably not, but just wanted to be sure. NTSC version for all. Thanks!

Star Wars Racer Revenge (crash when starting a race)
Silent Scope 2 (no boot)
Time Crisis 2 &3 (no boot)
18 Wheeler (no boot - used to partially work in 0.9.4)
Crash Tag Team Racing (graphics are aweful - missing textures)
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The compatibility list is only updated for official releases. It is obviously impossible to test 2000+ games each time a new beta comes out.
It's quite faster to just test all that yourself really.
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Obviously I have. I've spent hours trying to get these games to work. But I'm not an expert with PCSX2, and there's hundreds of combinations of things I could try with various plugins for video, sound or emu settings, etc. So I've done all I could, including searching around the forums, but these aren't the most popular titles and I was just seeing if anyone has found a way (recently) to get any of these going. No biggie and I'm not really that hopeful, but thought (selfishly) that it wouldn't hurt to ask. Blush

And it the compat. list could still use some updating, but obviously that takes time and alot of help would be needed. I see alot of games on there that haven't didn't work in 0.9.3 that should at least be double checked with the latest release to see if it's any better. Things like that make it look a bit outdated. Not sure if there's a place people can put in feedback specifically for the list, but there should be one. I've seen it come up before, but of course it just never goes anywhere. Sticky needed I think. Smile
Intel Core i5 2500k @ 4.3 ghz. (Sandy Bridge CPU) / Asus P8P67 / 4 Gig Ram / GeForce GTX 660/ Creative X-fi / Win 8.1 Pro 64 bit
Yeah you see titles that haven't been updated that long are from testers who had those games, but are inactive. So since no one else has them from the team, they are not getting updated.
Public feedback has been discussed many times before and we concluded that it's nearly impossible, since most users just 'test' with speed hacks or unstable builds and would give us wrong results.
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