Hi, may I ask why only certain games work with psx2? I don't understand why a game like kingdom hearts works and then a game with little graphical differences like Jak and daxter doesn't. Please explain

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Because it's a different game? Different games may use different game engines, they may use different parts/features in the PS2 and since the PS2 emulator isn't perfect it may not work the same because of lacking emulated parts or being emulated incorrectly...

Jak and dexter works as far as I know though...
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It's like trying to play Windows games on Linux.
Linux works differently than Windows.
Even if both works with the same hardware, emulating Windows in Linux to be able to play Windows games is still hard even when there are some documentations on how Windows works.

Now imagine a PS2 that is different in BOTH hardware and OS than a regular Windows PC.
Add that to the fact that there's no known (real) documentation on how a PS2 works.

This is why you should call the PCSX2 team 'miracle workers'; kudos to them. Wink
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Thankyou for your answers I kind of understand it nowSmile

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