Hi all,
I was wondering what some of the factors were in determining whether a game would be compatible with the emulator, cause many of my games are playable but there is one (Onimusha Blade Warriors) that just does not start up at all, i.e. gets a black screen right at the beginning. Also is the team working towards faster emulation or more compatibility right now?

Anyways, a big thank you to the team that made PS2 emulation possible.

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well they need to know which PCSX2 you're using, what your hardware is, which non-default settings you are using and not to be forgotten which speedhacks Smile
hmmm pcsx2 r5187 preset 3 (balanced) plus mtvu
hardware is i7-2630qm 2.0GHz and nvidia GeForce GT540M (anyway my hardware is okay, can play with 45-60fps usually for the games that are able to start up, still enjoyable lols)
We're aiming for compatibility first, speed second.
If a code fix makes everything 20% slower though, we implement it as a custom gamefix.
(05-07-2012, 02:45 PM)ShadowABC Wrote: Hi all,
I was wondering what some of the factors were in determining whether a game would be compatible with the emulator ...

Well, probably the biggest factor would be the specific developers of the given game, and whatever unique techniques they had the game using the PS2 hardware with.

In all reality, you just can't tell.
Even two different games of the same series,
made by the same developer,
could have completely different compatibility with the emulator.
I see....thanks for the fast replies everyone.
Technically speaking, the biggest obstacle to fast, clean emulation is batshit incompetence by games developers. The Gameboy Advanced classic Golden Sun 2 proved agonizing to emulate on devices like the PSP because it was, according to the emulation configuration file's footnote, "Probably the most horrifically coded GBA game in existence."

An emulator, by nature, needs to be able to predict a game's behavior in order to recompile it in real time. Some games have bizzare coding which makes them nightmarish to recompile.

Performance isn't the only concern. Some games create special effects using non-kosher methods. The Nintendo 64 *masterpiece* Perfect Dark, STILL hasn't been emulated perfectly, (heh) after 12 years. The main culprits remain the GFX required for sky, night vision, and remote camera. There are workarounds, but the fact remains that emulating the game is still an annoying experience.

The Playstation 2 is an extremely complex piece of hardware. In order to squeeze as much performance out of it as possible, developers resorted to highly unorthodox tricks which don't always emulate properly. The main victim of this has been visual effects, not performance. PCSX2's hardware renderers are unfortunately nowhere near as accurate as software rendering.
Another example for different games int he same sereis is Final Fantasy X and X-2 as the first is quite playable on weaker systems while X-2 requires a much better PC and even software mode for FMVs to work correctly.
Well X-2 the game itself isn't as heavy, the FMVs are being used as a benchmark, since those are the ones that are heavy Smile

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