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Compatibility / FPS
If it falls to 30 when there is alot of onscreen action you're pretty much stuck with that unless you upgrade.

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(04-03-2009, 04:02 AM)stewart262 Wrote: OH yea anyways so i was playing ffx. averaging around 50-60 fps but fairly often jumping to 80 fps or falling to 30 fps. anyone know good ways to keep the fps more consistant?

In the cpu config, set the frame limiting to limit(second option) this will limit the fps to 50(PAL) or 60(NTSC) this will stop it going over the top to 80 fps which gets annoying especially with the sound.

But like the previous post stated, when it goes to 30 or so your pretty much stuck with it unless u upgrade.
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Wohoo! thanks guys! you really helped me out its pretty much just a solid 60 fps all the time now. im sooo stoked on this. im going to buy a xbox360 reciever for my comp now.

P.S i have PJ64 emulator and a few others. More specifically though, anyone know if PJ64 emulator works with a controller like an xbox360 one?
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