Compatibility Question
Well I wanted to know, How would one go about fixing a game that's not playable or not fully. Like Legend of Legendia, Is there anyway I can work on it to make it work or is something that must be done within the Emulator? I ask cause I never really knew if it's the Version of PCSX2 that would change those kind of things or if it would be a patch or something like that.

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If you mean "tales of legendia" it is playable as far as I remember. Some games expect specific responses from the PS2 hardware to work so unless the emulation of the necesary things are perfect or well... "good enough" they simply wont do and because of this it's impossible in some cases to get the compatibility any higher. Only thing you could do in this case is learn to program, learn about the PS2 and then help the PCSX2 team on the source code emulating what's needed so games would work or well make your own emulator for a single game I guess, it's not really an easy task.
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ya tales of legendia but the thing it says it's playable but has a graphical error that keeps it from being beat. I can't even get past the main menu cause of 4 horizotal going across the screen and I'm unsure how to set it up
In GSdx select software rendering (but don't complain if it's slow, k? Tongue ).
(10-18-2009, 02:14 PM)rama Wrote: In GSdx select software rendering (but don't complain if it's slow, k? Tongue ).

But I wanna complain it promotes Bone lose Tongue


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