Compatibility Question
What laptop would be a good one for me to use PCSX2 on? I'm just aiming for the one with the minimum requirement...

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Minimum requirements? Any CPU capable of SSE2 and any GPU capable of SM 2.0 and a minimum of 512MB of ram.

You won't likely get a system that meets those bare minimums while still getting PS2 games running playably...

"Well what system will just barely meet that can play games?" You may ask next... Well, that varies hugely on 3-4 factors... The biggest ones being what games you want to play, and what is "playable" to you. That said, PCSX2 is NOT recommended for laptops as all current laptops would be stressed to their max... which is bad for their hardware as it creates a ton of heat, and many CPU will automatically clock down when they heat up, making PCSX2 unplayable anyways.

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