[Compatibility Report] SVN563 some things working, some broken?

Just wanted to give some positive feedback here about svn563. Finally I can boot into my bios itself. So to start a game you can use the "Run" -> "execute" or "File" -> "Run CD/DVD" now - both work fine. If you have an Image/CD/DVD attached, the game starts. If not, the bios starts "itself". I am using the 1.60 Europe Bios.

However, under Vista64 when closing the EMU using the X button (e.g. when being in the BIOS), it closes the graphics window, but the vtlb-process still remains. It closes everything when pressing ESC key.

Oh, and with only 1 GB of free Ram (having 2 GB installed) I seem to have constant issues that the VM version cannot allocate enough memory. Sad

I also have to admit, that the 563-Version is a lot more unstable (crashing more often at the same settings than 528) when playing FFXII (german). I am using (well, at least trying to) the same settings for both SVN-Versions. Its crashing faster on 1.5 Speedup and 2.0 (no matter what to choose there) and also all other optimizations doesn't seem to change anything. (But yea, I am using the GSDX 872 in DX9 mode to be able to play in full screen mode. So this might be an issue for that.).

Regards, Bigfoot29

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Moved. Please use this thread for these kind of things, just created it.


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