Compatible game won't run
Hi all,
Got a copy of Eureka 7 Vol 1 the new wave on ps2 (obviously).
It's NTSC-U and the compatibility guide says its completely playable from version 9.4 onwards.

Ive got the plugins and bios, etc working properly, but it just won't start, all i get is a 1x2 pixel output in the graphics plugin window.

Any help is greatly apreciated.

Also is there any way to know what configuration the tester who said the game works used for plugins etc?

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What are your hardware specs? CPU/GPU and such.

What version of PCSX2 are you trying to play it with? Be forewarned that it's normal for the newer version to break compatability with some games that worked on older ones, best place to start would be to search the forum and see if anyone has run it on the most recent (0.9.6) version.
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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I'm runnin a dual core pentium system clocked at 2.6Ghz, E something (ill look it up when i get home if you want.)
Geforce 9600 512Mb Vram
Vista 32bit
4 gb ram
Anything i left out, i'm new at this.

I just checked the compatibility list again and its been updated for that game in the last few days, i checked it earlier in the week, 9.4, it now reads as fully running on 9.6.
Is there any error shown in the pcsx2 console window? what is your pcsx2 settings?
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no theres nothing unusual in the console.

I'm running GSdx10 as graphics and SPU2-x for sound.
Linus ISO Cdvd as well, anything else feel free to ask, i wanna play this game so ill be watching this thread like a hawk.
Tester didn't use anything special to get it to work...try using the 0.9.6 release and the plugins it includes (it might have got broken in the newer betas). Ty using SPU2-X for sound too.
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ill give redownloading the emu a burl, tho i am using 9.6, i might still be using a 9.4 plugin tho, i'm not sure, ill give it a try and let you know.
Yeah, it's best to back up your BIOS (and your memcards!) then delete your whole PCSX2 folder and install from scratch.

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Did all that, got a fresh install, still no joy, any other ideas?
One thing i did notice though was using a newer gs plugin, it was the new directx 10 gsdx.
Should that be a problem, i think its faster and would revert to it if i can, i havent had any other problems with it, though this game is more important thatn which plugin to use.
Yes, try using the older plugin first. You can keep multiple versions of the plugin at the same time (just remember to rename them to something different or they'll overwrite each other) then you can just switch them out when you need to in the menu.
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